Hi! Welcome to Lines on The Grass. Yet another blog in the rising sea of content? Yes, please.

I am Sarthak - an engineer, pianist, and music composer based out of Chennai. I’m also a writer, if I can stretch the boundaries of that word a little. Between fiction competitions, freelance gigs, and regular sportswriting, I enjoy the exercise of giving my thoughts some structure. Some make sense, some don’t, but it’s fun either way.

So let’s do this. I can’t promise you the prose of Steinbeck or the narrative of McIlvanney, but I can promise to keep it real.

What can you expect here?

Firstly, and mostly, sports. I think a lot about sports - mainly football, cricket, and tennis - to the point where I can’t have enough of it. Over the last few years, I have been writing football and cricket for FirstPost, and working as an editorial lead for Football Paradise. This is a neater collection of some articles that I enjoyed writing.

There will also be some thoughts on life and the wheels that it runs on. We see things and we talk about those things; and since I’m not a fan of phone conversations, I might use this space to rant, ramble, and analyse.

Oh, and, tell your friends!

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